We offer many amenities that set our ranch apart from the rest.

  • Providing the best care for your horse is very important to us
  • We buy hay early and store it in order to secure the best food source
  • We have experienced staff that are knowledgable and care about the horses
  • The owner is on-site 7 days a week to help with any needs
  • We provide large paddocks to encourage movement which helps their mental well being and fitness
  • Supportive, Friendly Atmosphere
  • Convenience –  located 1 mile off of I-355 and 159th



My daughter and I have been at J.B.’s Ranch for ten years. This barn is one of the nicest places around. I always tell my girlfriends “My horses are at the Hyatt”.

My horses have outdoor paddocks attached to stall, extremely clean stalls and wonderful care by some awesome staff. We have beautiful, peaceful property to enjoy. A warm heated arena

in the winter. I also have to mention the people at J.B.. Beth has such a compassionate heart for all of the horses and people. I have personally seen her on a number of times

care for sick horses. Either alone when a border could not be there or with a boarder together. The boarders themselves at J.B. are some of the nicest, warmest, caring people I have

ever met, and I am proud to call them my friends. My daughter and I could not imagine being anywhere else.

Susan Niven
I have boarded three horses at J.B.’s Ranch for the past five years.  The facility has a unique set up for horse stalls.  The horses are able to have at will daily access to a 30’x 150′ paddock which enhances their mental and physical well being.
All of the horses are well cared for by an excellent, experienced staff.  It gives me peace of mind to know that our horses are looked after, especially since we are not able to be there daily.  My horses have thrived since they have been boarded at J.B.’s Ranch.  I would recommend this facility without reservation.


J. Marshal
customer since 2009
     When I found my healthy, happy horse at JB in 2008, he had already been living there for a few years.  I love that my guy is free to move about from his paddock to the shelter of his roomy stall for at least 8 hours a day.
From the heated indoor arena, the outdoor arena, large available grass pastures and totally fenced property with room to ride, J.B. seems to have it all.
    My biggest comfort is knowing that the owner and all the workers there keep a close eye on all of the horses.  If a horse becomes sick or injured, help is always available quickly.
I wouldn’t have my horse anywhere else.


Lisa Fijol & “Kaycee”
customer since 2008