J.B.’s Ranch is ideally located in Homer Glen, Illinois, surrounded by acres and acres of beautiful farmland.  This picturesque ranch is nestled among softly rolling hills dotted with full, majestic trees.  A meandering path follows the perimeter of the ranch, allowing riders to experience a delightfully pleasing scenic ride.


The ranch was created out of the need to have a boarding facility where horses come first, and nothing else comes second.  It represents the dream and hard work of Beth Berenson, an ardent horse owner who can be found on the property seven days a week.

With more than 35 years of collective experience, the ranch workers at J.B.’s are the best in the business.

J.B.’s Ranch is the perfect environment for the serious horse owner who cares deeply for the health and
well-being of their animals.

Each horse either has its own let-out area, or is brought out to one of many round pens.  Turnout is 7 days/week for 8 hours a day and stalls are cleaned daily.  Only the best hay is chosen and clean water is plentiful.